Original: Sunday 28 December 2008    Update: Monday 12 January 2009

While walking the dogs this morning, I spied some native orchids to the side of the track. I headed back this afternoon to get some photographs. After looking more closely, I found a great number of spike and it appears there may be more than one species.

This was first spike I came across this afternoon. I have been told this is the rosy hyacinth orchid, Dipodium roseum.

Here is a close-up of one of the flowers.

This was a flower on a small spike near the first spike. It looks a little different from the first one but I'm unsure if it is the same species.

This was another spike further along the path. This one is the slender hyacinth orchid, D. variegatum .

Here is one of the flowers. I'm pretty sure this is a different species from the first.

Thanks to Colin and Denis for telling me the species.

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